Romany rights
There are approximately 20 million people of Romany (exonym “Gypsy,” also known as Rom, Roma, and Romani) across the globe, with about one million in the United States. Romany people are still subject to a horrifying amount of violence and racism, including segregated housing, education, hate crime, police profiling, forced sterilization, unemployment — if it is cruel, then it’s still happening. Anti-Ziganist sentiment is still acceptable in much of the world — while, at the same time, parts of our culture are taken out of context, stolen, romanticized, and commodified.

I’ve compiled a list of resources on the Roma and Romany culture, which will be periodically updated.You are welcome to share this link, if you’d like.

I speak on Romany rights whenever I can. This is a talk I gave in February, 2022:

“The G Word: The Fight for Roma Rights in the US,” Ignite Seattle #42, 2/17/22

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