My strength is finding connection: bringing together ideas, people, and resources in ways that are unexpected and meaningful, and by finding intersections between the contrary and the collaborative. By exploring unique loci and elevating heterogeneous viewpoints, I solve problems, increase access, and maximize impact.

I’m available for single projects, ongoing assignments, and consultation, and offer flat or hourly rates. Contact me for more information.

Book reviewing
I review speculative fiction for Locus, as part of their Diver’s Hands series.
~All my reviews (on Locus site)

Freelance portfolio

Blogging and articles
~My articles on Medium
~Kentucky Opera article (on KY Opera site)
~Cryptokitten (blog on cryptocurrency and blockchain)
~Taroum Pantot (POPcraft poetry prompt for Pretty Owl Poetry)
~10 Things about Self-Care
~Hi, Heuristics
~The Monster in the Laundry Basket: Professional Jealousy in the Open
(Part One, Part Two, Part Three)

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