My teaching experience spans community to classroom. I have taught composition, literature, and cultural studies at the university level, biology to high school students, and creative writing to folks from 8 to 80. 

I’ve designed college curricula and online courses, both asynchronous and live, and have experience on Canvas, Teachable, and triggered email delivery of courses. I also have over 100 hours logged as guest speaker/lecturer/presenter at various conferences and meetings on a wide variety of topics.

As a teacher, I draw from traditional and radical theoretical roots. Ultimately, I push hard on building capacity and critical thinking skills; my goal is to see students off with mastery over a topic than it is to see them grow their confidence in asking questions, and then to explore how and where they can find the answers to those questions. 

In the Allegory of the Cave, the narrator asserts that education is the art of orientation, requiring the assumption that eyes can see (and, to follow, brains can think), but sometimes need to be pointed in the right direction. As a teacher, I’m sure I’m not what Plato intended, but I do work to act as a guide, simply farther ahead on the path, occasionally orienting and re-orienting students to the questions at hand.

This asks students to take great risks. Learning to question can feel vulnerable, so I also act as a culture-maker, working to make the classroom safe, expectations clear, and feedback consistent, so anxiety does not waylay learning.

Download my teaching CV and a selection of past course descriptions:

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