20 April 2022: Essays are available to read online from The Romani Canon Project.

19 April 2022: I’ve posted a new, free pattern in Double Duchess Designs.

14 March 2022: The final video for my 2/27 talk is live. This version includes my slides.

7 March 2022: In prep for the new novella, I made a handy infographic on themes in my book-length work.

23 February 2022: You can check out my 2/17/22 Ignite Seattle talk on “The G Word: The Fight for Roma Rights in the US”. The whole stream is highly recommended. It was a great evening.

5 December 2021: Yay! Cover reveal for So Quick Bright Things Come to Confusion. Pre-order coming soon.

14 December 2021: “Proving up” has been reprinted in The Haunted Quill. Great ToC!

10 August 2021: “Bars of Orion” has been reprinted in MetaStellar, and I’ve launched Double Duchess Designs knitting patterns and tech editing.

8 April 2021: After a quiet spell, have news again! I’ve been appointed to the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, which is hugely exciting and a big honor. I’m also on the judging panel for the We Need Diverse Books/Penguin Random House Creative Writing Awards for the second year (yay!)

10 September 2020: Added Medium link.

7 July 2020: Updated site and removed old, inactive projects (in with the new!).

22 June 2020: Launched cryptokitten.

19 June 2020: Updated freelance & teaching section with book review clips.

10 March 2020: A virus novel for the novel virus. I’m offering 5 free copies of The Birthday Problem to anyone needing entertainment whilst they recover from COVID-19.

29 February 2020: Happy Leap Day! I’ve soft-launched my pre-loved clothing subscription service, Amol Mer. Many more details to come!

15 February 2020: You can now find my fiction back catalog at Curious Fictions. Loving the site; lots of other amazing authors have their reprints and cool stuff there, too. Most of it is free to read, and subscriptions really benefit the writer.

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